Thursday, July 12, 2007

Elizabeth Kaeton

In a recent post, we revealed that part of the proceeds from the sale of Church of the Advent had provided a house for Elizabeth Kaeton, then the Oasis Missioner. Rev. Kaeton has gone on to great prominence in the left wing of the church, and is now the President of the Standing Commission of the Diocese. She also has a blog called Telling Secrets, and recently used it to launch a vicious attack on another Episcopal priest, the Rev. Anne Kennedy, in the Diocese of Central New York.

Full coverage of the story, which we recommend to our readers, can be found at Stand Firm , and more succinctly at The Midwest Conservative Journal under the title "Derangement." We suggest you take the time to follow the posts, where there are a good number of insightful comments.

In her various updates, Kaeton+ has rewritten the incident so that she, rather than Anne Kennedy, appears as the victim. This further manipulation and blame-shifting only adds to Kaeton's original offense. Yet, Blakeney believes that there is a sense in which Kaeton+ is a victim; she is a victim of the unChristian teachings of this Diocese.

According to her own account, Elizabeth Kaeton, who was a married mother with children, shattered her family because she was in love with another married mother of children. The two are still partners many years later; we will certainly not dispute their strong affection for each other. The fact remains, however, that this partnership was founded on a double adultery which destroyed forever the secure life of two men and at least four children. This was a very, very grave sin--just as it would be if Kaeton+ had left her husband for another man.

By ordaining Kaeton as a priest, and celebrating a lesbian partnership based on two shattered marriages, this Diocese proclaimed that we can abandon our crosses by the road, ignore Christ's call to repent, and happily follow the devices and desires of our own hearts. It seems that for Kaeton+, her wrath has become just another part of herself to be celebrated and indulged in.
She appears to be completely unaware of the destructiveness and darkness of her anger--and why should she be, when the Diocese calls it light?

Sinner, this Lord is still the same
Still waiting to forgive
Seek, then, His cleansing, saving blood
Believe, obey and live.

---G.W. Doane, second Episcopal Bishop of New Jersey